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We ask parents, guardians and children to stay home if you have temperature over 37.5 ℃ or any of the following cold symptoms such as coughs, sneezes, runny nose, and any other illness.

Welcome to “Smile-Port”

“Smile Port” is a Child Care Support Center in Nishi Ward.

“Smile Port” is a place where children (preschoolers), moms, dads, grandparent and guardians can play, learn and relax together.

To ensure safety, children must be supervised and accompanied by a parent, grandparent or guardian at all times.

While we ask you to stay comfortable and safe, please respect each other and enjoy your stay at “Smile Port”.

Contact us

【Address】〒220-0022 Yokohama-shi Nishi-ku
 Minatomirai 3-3-1 Mitsubishi Juko Yokohama Building 3F
 Minatomirai line Minatomirai Station 5min.
 JR・Yokohama Subway/ Sakuragicho Station 10min.

【Phone】  045-264-4355 Fax : 045-264-4350
【e-mail】  kosodatekyoten@smile-port.jp
【URL】  https://smile-port.jp
【Open】  Tuesday through Saturday 9:30am to 3:30pm
【Closed】  Sunday, Monday, Holidays, End of the year and New Year’s Day
If a holiday falls on a Monday the following day Tuesday will be closed.
【Fee】  Free

Welcome : Suitable for preschoolers (mainly 0-3years of age) and their parents / guardians / expectant mom and dad / caregivers.

Registration Site

Registration Site here

Guide to “Smile Port”

Smile Port’s guide(~2024.3)
Smile Port’s guide(2024.4~)

Seven Functions of “Smile Port”

1.Play Area

The staff members welcome you to this place where little children and parents can spend time together with other families. Our staff is always here to give warm welcome to everyone.

2.Childcare Consultation

Please feel free to talk to our staff about your concerns or questions on rearing child/children.

3. For more Information

We gather and provide local childcare information, so you can find your references easily. We also deliver these information to those who are unable to come through our website and newsletters.

4.Childcare Support Network

We support those that are engaged in childcare, parenting, and networking to assist childcare in the community.

5.Education and Support

We hold classes and training programs on childcare and parenting support. We also provide opportunities for people in the community to get involved in supporting Childcare.

6.Yokohama Childcare Support System

This system supports families wishing to leave their children with a childcare provider or with a registered member who look after children and help parenting together in the community. We support and connect families with the registered members.

Support System

e-mail: kosapo@smile-port.jp

7.About Yokohama Childcare Support Partners

If you have any concerns, contact us. One-on-one consultation service from professional Yokohama Childcare Support Partners will be available at local childcare support centers. The Childcare Support Partners will listen to your concerns, and will be able to provide advice about the various support programs that are available and will guide to make the best use.
You can talk to the Childcare Support Partners over the telephone, or in a private room while their children play in the play area.
Consultation service is available at: Smile Port at Child Care Support Center
TEL: 045-306-9090

Useful Medical Information

Useful Medical Information Page

Useful Sites

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Emergency Information

Emergency Information
Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) Information to Support Residents from overseas in case of Emergency and Disaster.